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Darwin can be seen here, his favorite spot, most of the day.


Does your doodle have a favorite place to sleep? A favorite position? Post pictures of your lazy doodles!

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OH MY GOD!!!! I am getting my camera out! If I showed this picture of your Darwin uppies on the couch to my own husband...he would SWEAR that was our Thomas in your pic.The couch is even the same colour. Unfortunately I am up early and am moving the furniture around so he is wandering around not liking the rucous at this hour of the morning...will post later. Mind you, Darwin looks a lot cleaner than my dirty doodle right now after two days of rain.
Oh my, do you use the word "Uppie" for Thomas? That is what I say to Gracie Doodle when I want her to jump up. I say "Uppie, uppie" and up she goes! Too funny.
Jack owns the corner of the family room couch.

He likes to hang his head over the back.

And of course, the bed is always a good place for relaxing.

Jackdoodle looks so regal on that sofa. He sure makes life look tough!!! ha ha I think he rules your home!! Who's Doodle doesn't??
Ain't that the truth! Charlie says we live in a big dog house. They rule the house and let us live with them, as long as we feed them regularly and take them for outings. get more handsome every day.....
Aw, thanks, Ladies!
That first picture is so funny. JackDoodle really means business. He's saying.....this is my part of the couch and don't anyone forget it. OMG is he "resource guarding" the sofa? That third picture is the best! I'm fascinated now by Doodle noses, and that is probably one of the best I've ever seen.
That nose is what got him out of the shelter, lol!
That corner of the sofa is his favorite place since he got here. That's where he is in my profile picture, too. He can lounge and still keep an eye on me in the kitchen.
He is always willing to scoot over when I want to sit there, fortunately!
Got it....he's just saving a spot for Mom. He really is a good boy.
That nose IS priceless. Probably one of the best Doodle noses I have seen yet!!!! Give it a big kiss! I love kissing Doodle noses...tee hee
Yup, I think it's official. Jack wins the prize for the BEST Doodle Nose.



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