For anyone with a doodle from Country Mini Doodles in Indiana
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  • Hi Sherry.....sorry for the delayed response, I haven't been as active here at the forums and even less frequently checked into the groups.

    I got Teddy from Frankfort, Indiana which is DoodleCountry Minis (DCM), and NOT Country Mini Doodles (CMD) which I believe is an offshoot founded by ex-partners of the DCM operation.  Whatever, I got my Teddy from Dennis & Angie from DCM out of Frankfort, Indiana.

    Having said that, it appears some people here are talking about CMD and others are talking about DCM (that's what confused me).  At least it appears that way since some of the parents of the offspring are names that go with DCM and not CMD.

    I's confusing.  Maybe someone here who knows both operations better than me can clear it up.

  • Good morning,

    I am new to this forum.  Did you get your Doodles in Tipton, Indiana or in Frankfort, Indiana?  I got Milo from Tipton at the Country Mini Doodle farm. He is an F1 doodle. He turned a year in October and we are getting another in March from CMD.  

  • FYI....I have been told that the Wait List @ CMD has a point of reference, I called out of the blue last summer, put a deposit down, was #1 on the wait list, and got Teddy.....all within 2 months !

    Today, it's 6 months or so for F1 or F1B Minis and closer to year-end for the Toys.

    Word-of-mouth and more people discovering Goldendoodles has caused a shortage at quality breeders.

    P.S. Prices have increased, too !!  :-(

  • Does anybody have the genetic composition for Country Mini Doodle's Toy Goldendoodles ?  I am sure that the Standard is 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Poodle (or is it Mini Poodle ?).

    The Minis are the product of a female Goldendoodle Standard and a male (Mini ?) Poodle.

    What is the Toy ???

  • Got it.....Teddy was the smallest of 3 male pups from a mother who tended to have smaller puppies so I thought he might max out in the low-teens.  He's almost there now (just under 6 months old) so I'll have to see how much bigger he gets.

    Did you find out how big Dexter's brothers/sisters got ?  I am in touch with my breeder and she's trying to find out how big Teddy's 2 brothers and/or 2 sister's are.  If they all exceed Teddy's size, I guess you can say things turned out as expected.  But if Teddy turns out to be the biggest, surprise !!  LOL

  • Dexter is a mini. He was the runt and was guessed to be 30lbs fully grown. Like I said before, I love his size and no, I don't find it shockingly out of range, but I was surprised!
  • Dexter, you had a MINI or a STANDARD ?  46 pounds for a Male Mini is definitely outside the 25-35 pound range but not extraordinary.  It's actually a bit small for a full-grown Male Standard as I understand the size ranges.  But as you said, you never know.

    If anybody out there has a Toy Doodle and can comment on Teddy's weight and age matchups that I gave below, let me know.  As I understand it, he will grow until about 10 months, maybe a year.   So I think he will be right at the 15 pound threshold but maybe he'll be closer to 20 pounds if he has a few months where he puts on 2 pounds per month.  

    Totally unchartered territory for me......

  • My doodle turned out to be not so mini weighing in at 46 lbs at 2 years old. The vet said she thinks 44 would be a more perfect weight for him though. He was the runt of the litter. I know one of the females from the same litter turned out to be only 24 lbs! I guess you never know what you are going to get. I ended up loving his size!
  • Hello.....just joined this group and the site this weekend.

    I got Teddy my Toy Doodle in September.  Angie was fantastic -- can't say enough about all the Q&As we had back-and-forth.  Alot of hand-holding, as this is my 1st dog.  Thankfully, I am home now between jobs so I could afford the time investment to spend with him during the early months.  

    Teddy's parents are Parker and Wildroses Firecracker.  He was 3.5 pounds when I got him at 7 weeks...about 5 pounds at 3 months....7 1/2 pounds at 3 1/2 months.....10 pounds at about 4 1/2 months....and just under 11 pounds at 5 1/2 months.  They say Toy Doodles are usually 15-20 pounds and Parker tends to have smaller pups (and he was the smallest of his 3 brothers) so I am curious as to how big he will get.  Of course, averages are just that -- you never know.  My friend's son has a Mini Doodle (female -- who run smaller) but she's fully grown and only 12 pounds !

  • Hi! Got Oliver the alligator kong "stuffed animal" which he put a hole in the eye within the first day!!! I've just noticed him biting at his paw. He ate a wet grass mound and gagged that up! Haven't noticed the tail thing and so far no ear issues. What have you noticed so that I'm aware? Does kosar want to put EVERYTHING in his mouth when he's outside? Ugh;)
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