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  • Thank you guys.  We haven't even had her 2 weeks but she is already a part of the family.  So much fun!

  • That is awesome. my neighbor has a dog from Rena and Simon..Rocky is from Gracie and Charlie..they arevawesome dogs..she is so cute..enjoy her!
  • Aww that's great Dora - congrats!! Charlotte is adorable!!!!

  • Good morning Cove Angels =)  We just recently brought Charlotte home.  She is an F1b, Reba & Simon puppy, born 9/6.  A total sweetheart, as I'm sure your pups are as well!!

  • Wow! That's great.. I would love a brother or a sister for Rocky but one I think is enough for me! But the good news is the one of Reba's pups is moving in Next door in 2 weeks!!! We are so happy.. Then I don't have to get a good friend for Rocky! Hope to meet you guys soon. maybe when you come to see the new pup!
  • Well.. not sure if you heard but Gracie & Charlie's new litter was born on 9/18. We have first pic male for a new brother for Nelson. I must be out of my mind.
  • Jersey Romp souunds fun.. Maybe we can join you next year.. Rocky is still healing so not water for this week.But next weekend if the weather is good we will bring him to the water and the dog park..I'll need to find some kind of goup around here.
  • We picked Nelson up on Father's Day, so he was there when Rocky & Scooby were picked up. He was the last one left when we got him.
    We went to the Jersey Romp today on the beach - what fun. They all got along so well. Wish you were close so that you could have come.
  • Sadly I don't know of any doodle groups in the area - wish I did, so if/when you hear of one please let me know! Perhaps one day we could meet up somewhere in Nashua...
  • Yeah I agree. I wouldn't take him either:(.. But I hope you had a great beach day anyway. We picked him up at the end of May. so you missed him by days..
    I hope Scooby is just a love like Rocky! I have not brought him to classes trying to teach him myself and he is a pretty good listener! we go to the dog parks for play time with other and he can't get enough! Do you know if there is any doodle groups that get together? I live in MA and looking for somekind of group.
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Hi Angels!!

I am going to share this with my new families. I am sure they will like it! I am looking to guardian home out CHARLIE, KALVIN and SIMON. So, if anyone know of a LOVING home for them...let me know. Kiki, my retired Labradore Retriever, I am also looking to place in a home where she will get one on one attention. She is a love bug, maybe someone with a lot of property or lots of time for her. She is spayed and is super sweet. Send me pictures when you can...I always LOVE to see my babies grow…

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