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Here are some cream and white doodles

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  • Thanks Karen. I may have to order that myself!

  • Thank you, I absolutely adore her.

  • Roxy is adorable! Reminds me of Oscar when he was young.

  • Oh My Doodle! Roxy is beautiful!!!

  • Just thought I'd share a pic of my white labradoodle Roxy. She's been groomed today..3366919180?profile=original

  • Hi Sally, and welcome to DK! Both my doodles lightened with age. I think that's what generally happens with cream doodles. Penny's carmel-colored ears are pretty and distinctive. Oscar had a similar ear color as a young puppy, but now only half of each ear is a light carmel. The other half is cream. I haven't seen any other cream doodles with that same ear color pattern.

  • Welcome, Marianne! Nimbus is white. I've wanted a white one from the start. Yes, you see the dirt right away, but on the other hand, the other dogs have the same dirt on them and you might not wash them even though they're dirty.
    I only treat Nimbus if I see a flea or tick on him. Even then I might just take it off and be done with it. That way I won't put unnecessary chemicals on him.
  • Hi Marianne Kay, welcome to the group! As you can see from the posts here this isn't a very active group. I picked cream colored doodles only because I like the light color and find it easy to see their features. We've never had a tick problem, or flea problem for that matter. I give them Sentinel and NexGuard for fleas (and ticks, in the case of Lucy's Sentinel). I've never once found either pest on them, but you're right, with the light coats its easy to spot anything dark on them. Which is a good point in favor of NOT getting a light dog... they show dirt very easily! I just deal with it (hmm... I think my next dog just might be a dark one :)).

  • Hello fellow white and cream doodle owners. I am a new member. Thank you for this group. I specifically chose a light color dog to avoid ticks and to easily see the ticks. Thankfully because of Pierre's thick coat, most ticks, ( not many are attracted to him) crawl on top of his coat wondering how they get through it to his skin. The only one I ever found attached was on his back leg near his foot. Now I keep his feet trimmed up and check them more often. I time his frontline tick application a few days before he gets a bath or grooming. No matter how good a part I make in his coat, it still darkens after the application.

  • I definitely don't do grooming myself because over time I think it has become clear that I simply lack the talent (though I will keep trying). Despite the fact that M.J. could probably still fit in the kitchen sink (she weighs 18lbs) I bathe her in the tub/shower and just get in there with her. When M.J. was transitioning from her puppy coat to her adult coat there was lots of matting but now not so much and it's totally manageable (her coat is wavy though so I'm sure that helps vs a curly coat). The Aroma Paws is a lovely shampoo (several scents/formulations to choose from) and I love the ingredients but it doesn't help with staining, it's the SB Blueberry Facial that has helped us with that. Despite how expensive it is, I bought our bottle of SB Blueberry Facial 3+ months ago and still have at least 80% of it left so as long as you limit where you use it I think it can be totally worth it. I'm not sure how it works or if it will work for all staining but I was so frustrated with the tear staining that I was willing to try anything. :)

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Ugly red tear stains

We have a new goldendoodle puppy, 11 weeks old, that has terrible ugly red tear stains. Do any of you had to deal with this and, if so. What do you do about them? They are so bad that we can't get them off with washing and have stained not only the hair around her face but also the skin. We've never had a white doodle before and have never had to deal with this issue before. Any info you are willing to share will be greatly appreciated.I've attached a couple of pictures!image.jpeg

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Chris Christensen

Just bought and used Chris Christensen Spetrum One Shampoo and Conditioner.AMAZING!!!Jakes coat has never looked so good and so soft.Also got a sample of the Ice on Ice but didn't use it yet.His curls where hanging so nicely after shampooing didn't want to mess with them,did just lightly coat him with the Ice on Ice.Have heard its awesome for getting out matts.The shampoo even cleaned up his stained beard quit nicely.Anyone looking for a good shampoo and conditioner try this,you won't be…

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Stained BEARD... Toothpaste???

I posted this on DK's Grooming board as well, but thought since Lucy is a cream colored Labradoodle, that the group here might have special insights into the problem (and offer unique solutions).Lucy is a (nearly 2) cream Labradoodle and she's never had a problem with a stained beard... until now. I've always used Chris Christensen's 'White on White' on her beard while bathing and that's seemed to keep the staining under control. Now it doesn't touch it.The only thing that has changed with…

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The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are........... 1st: Jane Smith (Ethel May Mutts) 2nd: Donna K and Quincy (Quincy)  3rd: Leanna and Ozzie (Ozzie Bob)  Everyone's Entries Were FANTASTIC! It was a hard descision but these were the "last three standing" some might say! Again everyone's were great, I hope we can do this again!

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