Chris Christensen

Just bought and used Chris Christensen Spetrum One Shampoo and Conditioner.AMAZING!!!Jakes coat has never looked so good and so soft.Also got a sample of the Ice on Ice but didn't use it yet.His curls where hanging so nicely after shampooing didn't want to mess with them,did just lightly coat him with the Ice on Ice.Have heard its awesome for getting out matts.The shampoo even cleaned up his stained beard quit nicely.Anyone looking for a good shampoo and conditioner try this,you won't be disappointed.

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  • Is this available at the pet stores or do I have to order online?

    • You can get CC products in high-end pet supply stores, Cherrybrook has the whole line of CC products and of course you can order on line as well.  CC staff are great to work with, I ordered the gallon size shampoo, they sent me the 16 oz. size by accident, I called and a human answered, I told her what happened and the next day I received the gallon, I asked for a shipping label to send back the 16 oz. size and she said "keep it" ... which I thought was really nice.  I ordered directly from CC web site

  • I love CC products! There was a "Holiday Scents" series of shampoos that were out before Christmas.  There was one scent that was Christmas Cookie, it smelled soooooo good.  My doodles smelled like Christmas Cookies :)   The quality of the shampoo is awesome.  I ordered the shampoo in the gallon size I liked it so much.  The Ice on Ice is great stuff too.  Every product I have tried from the CC line I loved, a little pricy but well worth it.  I also like the pin brushes.

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