Stained BEARD... Toothpaste???

I posted this on DK's Grooming board as well, but thought since Lucy is a cream colored Labradoodle, that the group here might have special insights into the problem (and offer unique solutions).

Lucy is a (nearly 2) cream Labradoodle and she's never had a problem with a stained beard... until now. I've always used Chris Christensen's 'White on White' on her beard while bathing and that's seemed to keep the staining under control. Now it doesn't touch it.

The only thing that has changed with Lucy's diet and grooming in the past several months is I've been brushing her teeth every night with Petrodex Natural Peanut Butter flavor toothpaste, and wiping her mouth and beard with a damp paper towel after meals. Could it be the toothpaste? I may have to switch her to something else, but I'm hesitant to do that since she developed a bad case of drooling after a month of using an enzymatic toothpaste (Tropiclean brand). Any suggestions on a non staining toothpaste that maybe doesn't have enzymes in it? I'm afraid there isn't anything that will "get the stain out" at this point, but am open to suggestions on that too.

Thanks guys... I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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  • I'm rethinking this whole toothpaste staining theory. These past few weeks I've also noticed dark rusty staining around Lucy's genitals. After doing an extensive google search on the subject it could be either red yeast or the minerals in her drinking water. The solution apparently is to change to distilled water and start adding a very small amount of white vinegar to it, slowly working up to 1 tsp per water bowl (mine takes 2 qts.) Lucy already is getting purified water from the fridge filter and never had a problem with staining before. It may be her ph levels are off and the vinegar will help.  So, wish me luck Lucy will drink her water! I'll keep you all posted on any progress...
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