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Has anyone had the metal from collars stain their doods? I had the nicest training collars for my boys, but had to get rid of them as the metal left dark/silvery marks on their fur. Have since tried a training collar made from nylon but they're not as good.

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What kind of metal collar? Prong or choke chain or something else? What brand was the collar?
No I don't really approve of the prongs or even regular choke chain. They were a nylon collar with small chain where you could attach leash. A great looking and durable collar made by a company in Whistler called Silverfoot. Collars have Native tribal designs. We got the other collars from them in exchange. I have noticed tho that their tags also leave a metal stain!
I've not had that collar problem, but I had a metal CGC award tag that did the same.
Tilly would get a stain from her pinch coller. (we no long use it) but it seemed to wash out
We have had this problem from a training collar and also from their tags. It does wash out but looks yuk between baths. I did try painting Zeke's name tag with clear fingernail polish but it didn't seem to help much. We have nylon collars and I'm thinking of getting plastic tags.
Did u try covering the tags with scotch tape? we used to do that and it seemed to work for us. but now we just use nail polish cuz thats easier for us.
I tried both and they wore off or peeled off.
I have had that problem and also collars matting the wool around the neck. Now i buy a faux fur lined collar off the internet very pretty with a bling name but the fauz fur stops the staining and the matting. Will never use a different collar for sure.

Where do you get the faux fur lined collars? My Stella mats under her collar and I need to purchase a new one.

I found that metal collars and tags stained. I use prong collars made of stainless steel from Leashes by design because they also added an easy to open and close gizmo. i also ordered stainless tags on the web. No staining with these.



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