Ugly red tear stains

We have a new goldendoodle puppy, 11 weeks old, that has terrible ugly red tear stains. Do any of you had to deal with this and, if so. What do you do about them? They are so bad that we can't get them off with washing and have stained not only the hair around her face but also the skin. We've never had a white doodle before and have never had to deal with this issue before. Any info you are willing to share will be greatly appreciated.I've attached a couple of pictures!


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  • Oh my! She looks almost exactly like Bowie, who I just trained for his owner. He didn't really have tear stains but I trained a cream colored one who had really bad tear stains. I tried several tear stain removers as well as a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. None of them really helped in the long run. Try to clean away the goop as much as you can and keep the area dry. If it looks really bad on my own white doodle, I just cut out the discolored strand of hair.
    I'm attaching a picture of Bowie and one of Nimbus, my white one.
    Your doodle is adorable!
    Good luck!
    Oh, I also know someone who's dog got his tear ducts cleaned out by her vet and that seemed to have helped. But possibly just temporarily.
    I don't see any tear stains on your dog.


    • Thank you. Actually, for some reason, the pictures that show the stain didn't post. Megan's stains are so bad the skin is stained as well as the hair. I'll try again to post the picture.

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