The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are...........

 1st: Jane Smith (Ethel May Mutts)3363985996?profile=original

 2nd: Donna K and Quincy (Quincy) 3363986111?profile=original


3rd: Leanna and Ozzie (Ozzie Bob)3363986069?profile=original



Everyone's Entries Were FANTASTIC! It was a hard descision but these were the "last three standing" some might say! Again everyone's were great, I hope we can do this again!

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  • I had no idea Ethel was going to have her picture as the Group page.  It was a nice surprise.  I love her.
  • Thank You! Yes all three could be triplets! Leanna also sent me a pic that I had trouble choosing that one between the other! Both were amazing! 3365661898?profile=originalThis was the other pic by leanna that i had a hard time choosing between :)


    It was very difficult to judge these amazing doodles, but if it was not a contest i would have said everybody won!

    • SOOOO glad you liked the picture of Ozzy by the window Annie.  That's one of my all time favorites of him!   I loved the seriousness of it as he was watching his daddy mow the front yard.   He'll sit there the entire time and watch his daddy mow, but we don't have a fence around the front yard.  He's a big help mowing the back yard though! lol 
  • What an honor. Thank you so much for choosing ethel mae. I would not want to be the judge with all those adorable doodle faces.
    • Congratulations on winning 1st Place!  Ethel Mae is a beautiful dog and you certainly have the right to be proud!!!!!
  • Leanna, you should enter that pic for the calendar it is great.
    • Thank you so much, but I took some other pictures that I think are much better.  I haven't posted them for anyone to see, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll make the calendar! 

    • If they are better than this one, you are a shoo in. Good luck!
  • YAY!  I'm so happy and proud of my 'lil man!  Thanks for choosing him as 3rd place!!!!!!! :)
  • I can see why you had such a hard time choosing! These pictures are great, they could be triplets.
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