This group is to alert us, especially newcomers, who may not see past discussions, about objects or situations that are dangerous for our doodles. Not everyone shares the same opinions about these topics, e.g. Nylabones, so references are good.

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  • According to Snopes this is not true.

    Swiffer WetJet Pet Danger
    Is the Swiffer WetJet cleaning product harmful to dogs and other household pets?
  • I understand that Swiffer has an ingredient similar to antifreeze and therefore is poisonous to dogs. (Obviously the wet ones and/or the spray)

  • Thanks but if you post this in the Food Group or main page you'll reach many more people.
  •  Just in.  TFH Publications, Inc./Nylabone Products, of Neptune, NJ is recalling one lot of its 1.69 oz. package of the Puppy Starter Kit dog chews, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

  • I have never seen this group before!  What a wealth of information.  Thank you!  

  • Thanks Melissa we have this listed and we have discussed this on DK in general. But we can always use reminders on things this important.
  • I just found this on my FB page.  I use straw instead of mulch but for those of you who use mulch in your flower beds, this type can harm (or kill) your baby!

  • Lynette, I am currently giving this one a try:

    I just started giving it to Tara and my cat so I don't have any feedback for you yet but it has gotten good reviews on Amazon. It is in a powder form and is sprinkled onto their food. It must taste fairly good to them  because Amber my cat who is extremely finicky eats it with no complaints!  I am pretty sure than neither of them would be happy about having something sprayed into their mouths though so you might consider that as well.

  • I think this might not be the best place for this since it's really a health/medical discussion. Tartar is of course a health danger though. But about a week ago or so I started using a gel on Calla because her tartar was building up and her breath--ugh. It's called PetzLife, there is a spray also. I bought it quite a while ago but I never used it. I am pleasantly surprised that it seems to be working . The tartar is decreasing and her breath is much improved.

  • I"ve seen commercials about this spray that helps with plaque on dogs teeth. Has anyone used it or knows anything about it? I haven't asked the vet yet...

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10 week goldendoodle meeting 2 year old dobermans - help!

Hi All! Hoping to get some input from experienced dog owners - my husband and I picked up our 10 week old goldendoodle, Oliver, yesterday and we're so in love with him!Our neighbors (and really close friends) have two 1 year old dobermans that they let run all over the place. We need to introduce them to Ollie so that they all know the others' smell since they will definitely be overlapping their areas, but my husband and I would like to keep them all on leashes for the first few interactions.…

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Pet Proofing Your Home!

I'm going to place this article here in the Danger group, but am also going to put it in Puppy Madness for all the new puppy owners.  I saw this today on and thought it worthy of sharing (there is even a doodle in it I believe).  Just a good reminder for everyone.

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How cold is too cold?

So I live in Canada, and this is the first time I have had a dog in 10 years. My puppy Max is 5 months old and we normally walk between 4 and 6 miles a day. Up until now I haven't worried too much about the cold because it's not been that cold in my Canadian opinion but right now it's very cold and I am not sure what is too cold for a puppy? I know he is acclimatized to the cold because we have walked every day since I got him in October. I don't put a coat or anything on him, because I feel…

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