Doodles, especially Aussie doodles, who live or visit the Lewes, Rehobot, and Bethany area or the DE Beaches.
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  • Hi people! 

    Just saying hello! My parents have a place in Bethany Beach and we'll definitely bring our baby Angus up there (as soon as he's done teething). Do people regularly arrange playdates in this group?

    I'd love to have Angus meet some new doodle friends next time we're up in BB :)

  • Hi!  My parents are moving to Milton, DE at the end of the year and since I now have a Doodle, I would love to be a part of the Dewey Romp next year!  Is this the best place to get info, specifically the dates, once they determined? Thank you! 

  • Saw they posted the date for the Doodle romp this year - April 26 and 27!

  • We've been in Middletown, DE for 2 weeks now and I am feeling a little clueless.  I am looking for dog parks or any park where I can walk/jog with Dougie.  The temporary residence leaves a lot to be desired.  It is a new town home development without a lot of grassy areas--I don't count the empty, muddy lots that are filled with rocks...

    Are there any DKers in the area who can recommend a good walking park, veterinarian, groomer, etc.? 


  • We love the Delaware Beaches and typically rent a house for a week every July.  This July, we will need to find a "pet friendly" rental and find great places to take our new pup.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Anyone know wherebDolly & I can attend more than just basic obedience training ?.
  • yea soon we will be able to be on the beach all day long  any time

  • Before 9 am when it is still cool? How about 8 am ??? End of the street with SHARKEYS gill ( READ ST). Ok by you? Dolly is 10 months and needs some excercise
  • Hi all - we'll be in town with our 6-month old goldendoodle, Murphy, this week (Tuesday night) through the weekend. Anyone want to meet up for a play date on the beach?

  • Dolly is 8 months old Let us know when we can let the doggies play together on the beach
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