Created Just for our Del-Frunessa doodle owners so they could stay in contact, give advice to new doodle owners and discuss doodle topics.
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  • My friend and I have sisters from the Blossom/Manfrado liter born on January 18, 2009. We'd love to get in contact with other owners from this liter. Contact me and we could share pictures and details on how their siblings are growing up!
  • To Gail/DeBonAire litter 9/28/09

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  • Hi, I don't own a puupy yet but hopefully will soon. I am planning on retiring from the post office this fall ( I will be 58) and then will have 24 hours a day to enjoy,love and train my new best friend. I just know that I definitely want a DF baby. Thanks and I know I will enjoy following this group.
  • Hi Shawna, I've emailed you a couple of times but I haven't heard back. I know you get tons of emails so I thought I'd try this route.

    Daisy is doing great! She is the best puppy! Did you get the pictures I sent?
    At 7 months she weighs 33 lbs. Just a little thing compared to some of the others in the same litter but she is just perfect for us. I see you are starting to post pictures of grown puppies on your website of upcoming litters and you're breeding Gail/DeBonAire again. I'd love to send you some current pictures of Daisy for your website. Do you want them? If so, I'll pick out some good ones. I wish we could get another one so Daisy could have a sibling but just not quit yet.

    Keep in touch
    Debbie V
  • Hi Adina,
    I have e-mailed Debbie (who just bought one of our cute babies home this weekend) and asked her to delete hers if she would be so kind to do so. That way we as the owners of DF can be the ones with the group. I am hoping she will be okay with it.
  • Hi everybody--since there are two Del Frunessa groups, anyone want to delete one can consolidate into one group?
  • Hi all Del-Frunessa doodle owners! We hope that you can meet, stay in touch, and connect with our other owners!
    Thank you for making one of our babies yours!
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