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  • I wish we lived closer, I would love for Gibbs to play with some Doods. He probably gets his fill of playing with 3 Westies.

  • Scout, my one year old golden doodle, and I live in West Plano with my shitzu, Nikki. We have a dog park right near us, and he loves it, but it isn't very special. We have gone to two great other great parks near the tollway and Keller Springs in far North Dallas. My favorite one is called NorthBark Dog Park, and the other one is Wagging Trail Dog Park. I'd love to set up a doodle play date at one of those one weekend. Let me know if you are interested! Roz 972-768-4133

  • We would be interested but will be gone until the 24th of April so it would depend on the date and of course the price. We have two five year old Doodles.
  • My husband and I would live to participate in the grooming workshop in Dallas. Our 2 Goldendoodles are 9 months old and we are venturing into grooming them ourselves. We need help! Please let me know the details. Michellegross71@gmail.com.
  • Hi everybody,

    My name is Wanda and I am a specialized Doodle groomer, giving grooming workshops to Doodle owners who would love to learn to groom their Doodle professionally in a natural looking way. I recently posted a comment on Facebook asking people in the UK and USA who would love for me to come and give a 1 day group workshop and the response was so great that I am planning several Doodle grooming workshops in the next months. In april I will be going to Dallas. Would any one of you be interested in learning how to groom your Doodle professionally in 1 day? Please let me know XXX

  • Not sure if this is still active but I just joined. I have two Goldendoodles who are 3 months. We got them from Lone Star Doodles in Weatherford. Would love to know of some good dog parks in the Dallas area. We will not be going for another few months but would love to know where to go!  

  • I area doodle lovers. I'm in Allen, and just got my Mini Labradoodle 2 weeks ago.  Just named her Clarabell. Love her already...what a wonderful breed. Would love to hear more about the dogs nearby.


  • @Deanna Marsh, Izzy is a larger mini F1b Labradoodle, although she may end up being a medium. She weighs 23 lbs at 8 months.

  • Can we have another doodle romp soon? Mid cities has a nice dog park!
  • i am currently living in las vegas, nv but my family lives in kerens (between corsicana & athens) btw not even a dog park in either town that i can find! but is there a texas group close or is this group the closest one? i would really like to find some doodle friends for when i move...:)
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Board and Train in the Dallas Area.

My doodle Jaxson is 9 months now and he is in desperate need of some extra training. I want to get him some obedience training and I'd like to do a board and train in the area. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a board and train that uses positive enforcement. I don't want to send him anywhere that does shock collars. I don't like the idea of that. 

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DFW Doodle Resources --

I thought we could try to get a list going of trainers we like, groomers we like, vets we like, etc in the DFW area.I really like out Vet and emergency vet.Tara Animal Hospital http://taraanimalhospital.aahavet.org/web2/index.aspxI prefer Dr. Sims.  She is very approachable, I don't feel like she pushes you to over test, she's got a nurturing quality.Emergency Vet - Airport Freeway Animal Emergency Clinichttp://www.afaec.com/They are one emergency vet that doesn't price gouge you.  A visit is…

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