This group is for those of us who love to play with frisbees/flying discs with our doodles. It a place to discuss teaching, games, discs, and anything fun about helping your doodle to be a great disc dog!

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  • Looking for some advice on training your doodle to catch.  My girl is 8 months old now and has been playing and retrieving Frisbees since about 10 weeks.  She has made some catches but isn't real consistent and sometimes would prefer them to land before going after them and sometimes she will take off first and then look back over her shoulder to find it.  It is then that she will sometimes catch it.  What can I do to have her leave first and increase her chances of getting it?  Thanks!

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Best Discs!

I want to know what discs people prefer. I started out with Wal-Mart 94¢ specials. at about 25 weeks old, amos would break a hole in them in one bite. I ordered a few online, and bought one at a local ranch store. I've found that one of Amos's favorites is the Nylabone Flexi-chew Frisbee (or older named Gumabone). It floats and stabilizes well, but I haven't gotten it to fly very far and it is a bit slow.He also likes the Hyperflite Jawz X-Comp. It flies farther and faster than the Nylabone.the…

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