This group is for all of us who got our Labradoodles from Dixie Moore... owner of Dixie's Doodles in Georgetown, TX.
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  • Time is just flying by, I barely remembered Costa was turning 6 months on the 13th of this month. And I plum forgot Malu was 5 on the 5th of this month!! Whoopsies! Costa is now as tall as Malu, but still weighs ~10-15 lbs less. They are absolutely BDF (Best Doods Forever)!! They do just about everything together. The best part is that Costa imitates everything Malu does and since Malu is so well behaved I now have the world's easiest puppy on my hands. Plus Costa is just very chill, always has been. He literally does NOTHING bad! The worst is sock thievery, but he just carries them around, he does not "kill" them. It's amazing. We just love them both to bits!!  

  • Carol McCasland, that is the cutest picture ever!  Dillon is adorable - what a face! Makes me want another one.

  • I have a new Dixie Doodle!  He's 4 month old Dillon, joining 7 year old Cody.  He is  SOOO much fun!  I'd forgotten how much a puppy is!  full of energy, smart as a whip, and is integrating beautifully into my household.  He is working very hard on potty training and is about 90% there.  It's only when I lose focus that he has an accident.  He can do 'sit', 'shake', 'high-five', 'down' so far.  And he sits for his meals.  He has just about the opposite personality as Cody:  very much in charge and is the alpha dog of the house.   Cody has been so patient with this little noise-maker (yes, he also barks a lot which Cody does not) who bites his ears, pulls his back legs, and attacks his face.  But they are now playing chase through the house and the yard, so it's working out.    Dillon is a joy!3366791819?profile=original   

  • Cody probably had a few more accidents than Malu, and I think the primary reason was because of the throw rugs... he always went on those or on the carpet.  But once he 'got it', he's been inpeccable.  In fact, he goes in the same area in the yard, and when out on the trails, he usually goes in the same spot....   Now if we can be so lucky with the chewing!!!  and I just can't wait to see how Cody reacts to a new puppy.  my prediction is:  LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Malu had a total of 3 accidents in the house between 8-11 weeks. He has never had one since. New Doodle went out at 5 am this morning to pee, when I put him back in the kennel he yelped for several minutes which he had not done the night before. I waiting for him to stop for a few seconds then took him back out. He pooped right away. He has also gone to stand at the baby gate in my office when he needs to go. Otherwise we are going out about every hour, or after waking from naps and after all meals. I pick up the water bowl about 8:30 at night and have last pee at 10 before bed. Like I said he slept til 5 am from 10 pm bedtime. Then up again at 7 because that is breakfast time!!
  • oh congratulations on your new pup!  and Cody is going to be a big brother in early November!  yes!  I am picking up one of Flannerly's puppies Nov 9 and flying him back to Colorado to join Cody!  I hope I have as much luck as you do with the potty training!  I don't remember it going this quickly with Cody (maybe a month or two?) but I am taking up ALL my throw rugs this time and puppy will not be allowed on any carpeted areas until he gets it.  I hope Cody will be a role model!  Crate is ready!

  • Well, the 2nd Dood is home and adjusting well. We have done all our pottying outside (he goes right away on each visit - well done Dixie on the introductory potty training!) We have had zero accidents. He woke up twice in the night to pee then went right back to sleep in his kennel. He also adjusted to the kennel very quickly. He makes a few peeps then goes to sleep or plays with his toys. He loves water and tried to play with the hose when I was watering plants. He also blows bubbles in the water bowl. He is definitely one chill little Dood and very snuggly! Still working on a name. 

  • congrats to Minga and Malu!!  

  • Our new Doodle is coming home the week of October 8th!

  • Well, it's official. We have decided we want our 2nd doodle to be a Dixie's Doodle again. Now begins the waiting! 

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