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  • Ada and her Sister...
  • We had a great time yesterday Thank you also much for taking time out of your busy schedules and for sharing your pups with us.
    I can’t believe how much like Lilly, Olivia is and Maddie takes after her dad in looks and same great personality.
    Koda looks so much like Jeter; they could be twins a year later in looks and personality.

    Brady is a lot like his dad and brother Roy and wow he is a big boy almost as big as Roy.

    Coco came by after most had left so she got spoiled with lots of one on 4 love. She looks like dad but is shy like mom.

    Matt and Ada were unable to make it after all but did send a few pictures. She is beautiful as are they all.

    I would love to hear how big Dexter has gotten as he and Brady were always pound for pound on the scale.

    My guess is Cooper is a lot like his dad and would love to see him I remember you guys had to wake him to take him home and we had to do the same with Walt.

    We got to see Jeter last year when he came to visit the pups. He is a sweetie.

    I have gotten lots of pictures of Jack but have not got to see him in person. Hopefully soon.

    I wonder how Max and the little (is her name baby) dog are getting along.

    And Jackson you promised you would send pictures of Luna where are they?

    If you didn’t get a chance to join us yesterday and would like to send some pictures or add them to the group
    We all had some much fun we are thinking of doing it again in the fall. Most likely in September as I am off traveling again for Oct and November.
  • We are four of the most adorable and loved Labradoodles around. Our humans are big Disney fans thus the name of our web site Dizneydoodles, and our names. Lilly Belle is named after Lillian Disney and Walter D is named after you guessed it Walt Disney. Roy O is named after Walt's brother, and Rose is named after Princess Aurora. Lilly is a choclate F1B labradoodle born Christmas Day 2005. Walter is a multi generational labradoole born May 10 2006. Roy is Walt and Lilly's pup born May 21 2007 and is one of 6 pups.. Rose was born March 21,2008 in Lil's and Walt's last litter in a 8 pup litter.
    We have kept in contact with our puppies families and had our first reunion this Saturday April 18 2009 We had 3 from our first group and four from our second group who could make it. We had a blast and hope to do another in the fall.
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