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  • Congratulations to SASSY.


    Came home from a long Vegas weekend to the gift cards for both Sassy and me.  We need to plan another beach romp in San Diego! Ü

    Thanks again.

  • You can vote by clicking the stars under the picture. Thank you :-)
  • Almost 50 and I can't count!  She's actually puppy number 4-5!

  • I've entered Sassparilla in a photo contest, please vote for her (trying to win my birthday dinner during our next trip to San Diego).  She's NOT the first doodle but #3 and #4 (sleeping with ball in mouth & you might recognize #4 from lotsa doodles calendar-Feb!)  Thank you April 1 is the big five-oh for me and it will be spent with my girls.http://www.sdhappydogs.com/march-dog-photo-contest/

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  • I can just picture that, Laurie.  Too funny.

  • morgan justs wiggles until he can't hold it anymore then he explodes & leaps up to hug me around the waist & i've discovered that he does this with other people he REALLY likes, which i'm not sure i like...:) since he's supposed to save that love for me! lol

  • Louise and Toby~ Zoe snorts when she gives kisses! It's the funniest thing ever
  • Zoe sits while wiggling her butt, tail a mile an hour and has the biggest smile.  She practically bounces when she  is trying to sit!


  • Tad is Ned's half-brother so why can't Ned do those cool things? hmmm Maybe it is because he is too busy looking for trash to steal, fuzzy balls to use as chin rests and computer keyboards to type on.
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Love Ice?!?

Bubba absolutely LOVES ice cubes!!  We even have our morning routine, when I put two ice cubes in my coffee mug, Bubba gets one as a treat.  Any time I have a glass of ice, he has to get one.  Luckily, he has learned unless he sits patiently he doesn't get one.  Seriously though, as soon as he hears me open the fridge door in the morning for my coffee creamer he runs into the kitchen, sits up straight and opens his mouth so I can drop the ice cube right in.  He is one crazy pup!  Anyone else…

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Is it a frog or a doodle???

Look at my silly dog!  This was from our recent camping trip.  Her new favorite game is playing catch with the water you splash her with and of course she feels the need to jump and catch it rather than wait for it to fall down on her!?  Seriously, all this just to bite at the water she is being splashed with.  She gets great air though and from a dead stance chest deep in the water.  She had to be a frog or possible rabbit in a past life nobody leaps like this just because! Lol  Does anyone…

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