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Love Ice?!?

Bubba absolutely LOVES ice cubes!!  We even have our morning routine, when I put two ice cubes in my coffee mug, Bubba gets one as a treat.  Any time I have a glass of ice, he has to get one.  Luckily, he has learned unless he sits patiently he doesn

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LOVE the Rain

It's been raining here for 3 days with more to come and Finn is thrilled. He rings the bell to go out and play. He jumps in puddles, chases the leaves as they rush down the gutters in the street. He's in hog heaven. Anyone else have a goofy water dog

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stare at you and smile?

   Bert a.k.a. oliver comes up to you when you are playing with him and stares at you about a half inch from your face and stares and wags his tail and  occasionally smiles at you!!  I will try and get a pic. and post it.  it is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!

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Smell your breath?

In the past couple of months 1st Stuart and now Rooney do this strange thing where they get right in my face, place their nose almost on my mouth and very gently sniff my breath for several seconds.  Rooney has also done this to my ear a few times. 

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