Do anything that you could set a clock to?

Religously at 9:15 Zoe will pace a few minutes and stop and stare.  We try not to giggle at her.  When my husband is home, he'll say honey, she's trying to get you to go to bed.  I know, I know, but it's just a wee bit to early for me.  I will look at Zoe and tell her, it's to early and she'll drop her head and mosey off to the bedroom and jump up on the bed and go to sleep.  When I do get in the bed she will get up and go to her bed.  She rarely stays with me.  Does your doodle do anything like clock work?

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  • Myla burps everytime when she's done eating (multiple burps) They also know what time it is because there is no sleeping in on the weekend, they get me up at the SAME time DH would get up fo work!
  • When the sun comes up, she gets off her bed and starts walking around - she then comes to my side of the bed, huffs and lightly stomps her feet.  We then invite her to come up and sleep in a little longer - she comes right on up.  It coincides with the timing of the sunrise.

  • Charlie does not do much like clock work. I think she observes me to get some kind of crue to see what is going to happen next.
  • Our girls will jump on the bed at 0715 and wake up my husband to take them to the park. They don't know about sleeping in on the weekends though. For me, when he is out of town and I sleep in , they don't bother me!!
    • That's funny, Zoe knows it's the weekend because I close my bedroom door on Fri and Sat nite. But, when its 7:30 I get a cold nose in the face to tell me it's time to get up and go outside. If Scott's home and I leave for work and he still is in bed, I have to close the door or she goes in and wakes him
  • That's to funny about their meals. Zoe is pretty easy going on me if I'm late. If she gets to hungry she'll walk up to me and lean on me while she's standing.
  • Buddy usually starts to stare at us or growl when it is about 4pm. We feed him at 5 everyday and everyday around 4 he is ready. I constantly tell him how many minutes he has. "30 minutes", etc. You would think we starve him! LOL
  • That is cute.:) Huff doesn't do much of anything like clockwork. He does kind of go crazy after he eats.
  • LOL Yes mine do everything like clock work always.
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