• Ned likes girls dogs and so does Clancy and they seem to like them.
    • Hmmm.... maybe it is just Huff?
  • Charlie ( female ) doesn't like it when Butter (male ) sniff her behind. She act like she is saying "Hey, get away from me!"
    • Like a human!:) haha
  • Gee Taylor, good question. Gracie Doodle has grown up with all girl dogs to play with. We have 8 girl dogs on our street that have all played together since Gracie was a baby. When males come on the scene the girls don't seem to like them much. It seems to me like the guys come in with a bit of an attitude and are a bit aggressive with the girls and yes...the girls snap at them. But then, most of the males want to hump my Gracie and that is a huge NO NO! Maybe because when we would go out in the public when she was little and the males would stalk her and try to hump her. She hated it so much she decided to stay away from males. Though she does have two Doodle boy friends, Ned and Clancy, and she is just fine with them. She only gets to see them at Doodle Romps though since they live in Riverside. Gracie also is not much of a player. She stays by me or wants to play ball. Not really into other dogs except to say hi and move on!
    • Haha:) Huff probably wouldn't try to hump her. He is a gentleman. He just gets a little too rowdy sometimes and wants to play with every dog. Even if they don't like him:(
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