greet you with a toy in her mouth?

Whenever we get home after being gone, Daphne is so excited to greet us and she always comes running with a toy in her mouth. If I come in the door and surprise her, she jumps up, looks around for the nearest toy and brings it to me. If she has several toys lying around her it's so funny to watch her try to decide which one to grab and greet me with!

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    • What kind of dog is Lexi? Daphne always greets us this way. If I am in the bedroom and DH is in the living room watching sports, she will greet him with a toy if he walks in the room..Lol! She has also taught my youngest one, Pippa, the same behavior. Lucy, the oldest, just doesn't care...Lol!

  • At least they really appreciate their toys! Picco plays with every one of his. He will favor one ball over the others for the day - nope, it's the black ball today mom, don't be tossing me that red one.

  • Oh how funny. Buzz does the exact same thing. In his case, if no toy is in sight, he will drag his bed around. His bed is huge. Its so funny to watch him try to run around with it. I think its a retriever trait. We have friends with a chocolate lab. He has always done this, usually with shoes!
  • Oh this is a hoot.  So my doodle isn't the only one.  My mom is 90 and said she has NEVER seen a dog do this. My Sassparilla has a ball or toy in her mouth 24/7 except when she's eating or chewing on her sister Josie! lol  She even sleeps with a toy in her mouth!  When we get home we are "presented" the toy as we like to refer to it.  Her little butt is just a wiggling and she's got something in her mouth and she proceeds to shove it in your face making sure you see it up close but by no means can you have it!  She's even trying to present the toy if we are on the toilet! lol  She does the same thing if you appear and she's not ready that little mind is spinning as she frantically looks for something.  She even knows all her toys by name, and she has lots!

    Here are a few; tennis ball with Mr. Rat close by (rat is funny whole toy is in the mouth except for the long tail)3366570452?profile=originalfirst holding Bubba Gump in paw over the edge of the bed then in mouth (bedroom toy this is what happens when I come out of the shower) followed by Mr. Dog with her first and last haircut!  I was horrified when I picked her up.  Last another tennis ball with football close by and sound asleep!3366570416?profile=original3366570437?profile=original3366570369?profile=original3366570386?profile=original

  • Picco does this for me. He doesn't even acknowledge my husband when he comes home. Definitely MY dog!

  • Jewel does the same exact thing! Greets me with something in her mouth. A bone or toy and has to run looking for something if I have come home early.  Once i put all my stuff down, she circles and wiggles like a cat around my legs while i pet her. It is the funniest thing. So happy to me. I just love it.

    • So cute! I love it too! Let's you know that someone missed you while you were gone. No matter how long you were gone!

  • Stanlee has at least one item but most days two items in his mouth.  Whatever is closest to him when we come home is what he carries around in his mouth.  Actually, there is hardly a moment in every day that he DOESN'T have something in his mouth.  He's learned shoes are a no, no but when that is the closest thing at hand.....nothing is sacred at our house.

  • EVERY DAY!!!! It's hysterical to watch him scrounge around for a toy while we are standing at the backdoor trying to get it open!! He does circles & laps looking for anything to put in his mouth to come say hello : )    And if he can't find anything...he SMILES!!!! I couldn't love him more!!!

  • Isn't that the cutest! Our Malibu with do this every time we come home. She always greets us with a stuffed animal. We call them her babies!

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