Have sensitive skin?

I just bathed Grayson-which is a workout to be sure.  He barely fits in the tub anymore.  Anyways, as I was scrubbing him I felt little bumps on his belly.  I was worried--maybe ticks, I thought.  I have a hard time getting to his belly-but when I did, not for long, I saw little sore looking things with dirty looking scabs coming off.  They look like they are mostly healed, none are open.  And the scabby things may just be flakes of dry skin coming off with a good scrub.  His belly is always "dirty looking" no matter how much I wash.  But he does spend alot of time laying in his favorite dirt spot outside.

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  • When you're unsure it's alwasy good to be safe and go to the vet. However, Tyson had these red, pimple or blister like things on his stomach. I waited a little while to see what would happen and they turned into little black spots and then went away. Then a few weeks later I got the same looking bumps on one my legs! It turned out that mine were chigger bites, and there is one particular place we sometimes walk on weekends that is the likely culprit. So I figure his were the same, and sure enough we went back there last weekend and he had a few of the spots again. But like I said, it’s always good to check with the vet if you have any concerns about it.
    • It could be a staph infection. I would talk him tot he vet.
  • I would go to the vet. Clancy had little bumps on his belly and it was an infection that needed an antibiotic.
  • Is he chewing at them, licking, etc?

    Early this Spring, Baker had clusters of bumps, especially on the side he lays on outside. He had them in other places in lesser numbers. The vet called them 'zits'...due to some kind of environmental allergy...we started with an antihistamine because he was chewing, licking, due to the itching. He is white & had that spot stained brown from his saliva.

    Antihistamines were not that effective. Some of the spots were scabbed over because he'd scratched them. Long story short, he needed the area shaved, treated with antibiotic & cortisone Rx, took oral antibiotics & had to wear a cone collar while it healed. After the first 'event', whenever my husband would find one, he's simply treat it with peroxide & neosporin & they'd go away. He hasn't had any for quite awhile now.

    Not sure if it's the same thing, but I wanted to tell you about it. Good luck :) Let us know how he's doing.
  • Definitely have a vet look at it...when we brought Casper home he had something that sounds very similar and it was an infection of some kind. He might need an antibiotic?
  • Amanda, I think the best thing would be to let the vet take a look at Grayson; the vet can examine him, maybe do a skin scraping, and advise you on treatment. I would not want to guess at what it might be, but it sounds like more than just sensitive skin to me.I hope it's nothing, but i would have it looked at just to be sure.
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