have vivid Dreams?

Chester sometimes has dreams where he starts to 'cry' and 'whine'..Or he will start wagging his tail and 'run'. The 'nightmares' seem sort of distressing so we sometimes rub his fur and try to calm him.. how common is this? and do you try to sooth him/her??

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  • Ernie frequently has"active" dreams. Most of the time it's tail wagging or growling and running. My 4 year old gets quite a kick out of watching him. :)  I will wake him if he seems to be distraught but love to hear the thumping of his tail if he's wagging it. A few weeks ago I made my first trip out of town since bringing him home and my husband said that Ernie was so worked up in a dream that he actually peed. Poor little guy!

    • Ernie is sweet..

      Boy Chester hasn't peed during his dreams .. yet.

      I do love it if he is crying and after we rub him it turns to a tail wag..

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