...Have you....and your neighbor trained?

I posted this in the training group also...some of you might be able to relate.

Not only are my husband and I trained....our neighbor is as well.  Our dogs are on an electric fence that they do FANTASTIC with...our driveway is a slight hill going down to the dead end road.  Everyday, our labradoodle, Zoey, drops the ball after we have backed our car out of the driveway and she pushes the ball down the driveway and out of her reach....so we stop our car, get out of the car and throw the ball one last time for her.  One word for her:  obsessed.  One word for use:  trained.   We have a camera that we can watch the dogs on during the day....everyday, the neighbor goes out to get her paper...she walks over to the ball that Zoey has conveniently rolled to the bottom of the driveway, and she throws the ball.  Smart dog.  We are all trained.  And I love it!  These dogs are amazingly too smart for their own good!

Our other dog thinks the ice dispenser is a treat dispenser.  Which I guess it is since every time I use it, since he comes over and sits so nicely, I give him an ice cube.  :)  Again, I think I am the one trained.   


Anybody else have dogs that do something similar?   

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