"hip up" on the couch with only his back legs??

Lately, Seamus has this habit of "hipping up" on the couch with only his back legs.  Today, Seamus tried to back up entirely onto the couch and tried to pull up one of his front legs onto the couch as well.  It's like he is slowly making his way further and further onto the couch until POOF one day he will just be laying on the couch with us.  lol (We don't let him lay on our furniture.)  Anyone else's doodle do this?? 

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  • I've never seen this, but then again we have minis. Love the pictures!
  • That is so funny, what a clever doodle. :-) Darwin is allowed on the couch but he likes to sit this way anyways. 



    • That's hilarious!! What makes them think the way they do??
    • lol this is adorable!
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    • hehehe He looks mighty comfortable!
  • Zeke does this sometimes. It's like he has changed his mind about getting down off the couch. Looks very funny!
  • Yes. Myles sits on the couch like this. Will sometime rest his head on the coffee table and will watch Animal Planet. Not kidding.
    • Our Molly loves to watch Animal Planet too! During one episode of Dog Whisperer as Caesar had his back to the camera and was holding a dog on leash beside him, Molly went over to the TV and sniffed the dog's butt! Wish I had had my camera handy!
  • Awww...he just wants to be up next to you and snuggle. Let him do it!!!! Very cute!
  • I think he looks a little disgusted that you caught him! lol
    He just wants to be comfortable, I say let him have at it, you've got the couch covered anyhow. Just imagine how much happier he will be :)
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