Like fuzzy slippers?

Huff likes them. He tries to grab them off my feet. As long as I am wearing fuzzy slippers and Huff is awake, I can't relax. I think he just wants to annoy me. Does your dood do this?

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  • Harley claimed my fuzzy slippers when we first brought her home and still to this day they are 'hers' - although she hasn't ever touched any other slippers/shoes.  She doesn't tear them up - just carries them around and/or sleeps with them.
    • LOL...Izzy now waits for me to take my slippers off, then she grabs one and runs to her bed and sleeps with it. This has turned into a daily routine!!!
    • How funny!:)
  • Our Gracie stloe one of my wife/s bedroom slippers years ago and still to this day it is one of her favorite "toys"....She has never stolen another one, though..
    • awww.... haha:) I guess a doodle only needs one shoe!:)
  • That is cute.:) At least he doesn't run all over the house with them! haha:)
  • I have a pair of moccasins with rabbit fur trim around the top. I have to keep them in a drawer because Gavin seems to think they are the real thing. They are not safe!
  • I don't have any fuzzy slippers, but I am planning on getting some so I'll have to update. :-)
    • haha:) I didn't have any either until it got cold this year. My grandma has had some and Huff likes those too (they are not really fuzzy but maybe he thinks they are stuffed toys!:))
  • Lucca used to love to try to pull the fleece out without being caught!! Izzy is just starting to attempt to pry them off my feet!! I think they think they're animals!!!
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