Like to Watch the Bowl Flush?

Rooney the velcro pup has always followed me to the bathroom, no privacy in this house!  LOL.  If I shut the door to the toilet he'll sit on the other side and scratch at the door till I let him in.  And I don't really mind except that he loves to try to steal the toilet paper right outta my hand, a fun game to him.  Lately however Rooney has started a new habit which reminds me more of a cat than a dog.  When I flush the toilet he likes to watch the water swirl around and go down.  His head is just the right height to just stand with his chin grazing the seat and watch.  He doesn't jump up with his paws nor has he ever tried to stick a paw in - he just likes to watch.  How weird is that.  Does your doodle like to watch the bowl flush?  I've got one quirky doodle to be sure.

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  • Myla like Rooney hasto be in there with me also, she's even jumpred up on my lap!I told her about boundaries then!! She will run away when it gets flushed-it's pretty funny!!
  • Darwin really doesn't go into the bathroom unless prompted. I am pretty sure it reminds him of baths, which he tolerates but certainly doesn't love LOL. He doesn't want to take the chance that I will look at him and think "Oh, here is Darwin, and a shower. Let's throw him in." 


    Rooney is such an adorable inquisitive pup. 

  • Haha...yes Izzy does that too and is also a TP thief!! !! We also have an "open door" policy in or house. My animals hate being left on the other side!!

    I actually had a cat that figured out how to flush the toilet just to watch the water swirl. We had to put a rope on the handle so he couldn't do it all the time!!

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