Love Ice?!?

Bubba absolutely LOVES ice cubes!!  We even have our morning routine, when I put two ice cubes in my coffee mug, Bubba gets one as a treat.  Any time I have a glass of ice, he has to get one.  Luckily, he has learned unless he sits patiently he doesn't get one.  Seriously though, as soon as he hears me open the fridge door in the morning for my coffee creamer he runs into the kitchen, sits up straight and opens his mouth so I can drop the ice cube right in.  He is one crazy pup!  Anyone else have a doodle as crazy about ice cubes as Bubba?

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  • Scout runs to the refrigerator as soon as she hears someone getting ice from the door.  She is almost 6 months old and I thought it might just be a teething thing.

  • None of my dogs cares about ice at all.  If a cube drops to the floor, they sniff and walk away. 

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