Name that toy?

Hi all, I recently moved this from a training group because it's more of a trick really, not a behavior issue.

Have any of you trained your Doodles to recognize their toys by name?Back before we had Bernie (otherwise I would have paid better attention!) I was listening to a segment on NPR where they were discussing how many unique words can potentially make up a dog's vocabulary, and for 'brighter' breeds it was pretty impressive if I remember correctly. And of course I put Doodles in the 'brighter' category!

Anyhow, we'd like to teach Bernie the names of his toysand I was curious if any of you have succeeded at this, and if you have any tips for us newbies?

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  • I can tell Chloe to get her toy and she just looks at me like yeah right! But I can say go watch for daddy;s car ans she runs to the wondow, this is probably because Myla steals all the toys from Chloe so she no longer "has a toy"

    Myla-if you say go get a toy we jump for joy when she runs back with anythign because that means she will stop licking us!!

  • Huff knows the word "Cookie"! Does that count?:) He loves his cookies!
  • When we tell Harley to get her 'quacker' - she gets her duck, when we tell her to get her 'squeaker' - she gets her elephant that has squeakers in each foot, she knows 'ball', she definitely knows 'frisbee' along with some identifying words for her toys. 

  • Ditto what Karen said.
  • Webber knows his duck, ball, bone and the generic "toy" is used for other toys on the floor. I am trying to teach him to pick them up and put them away! He will bring them upstairs from down, but the just drops them anywhere. Seda just grabs any old toy and stands there with it in her mouth. She doesn't get it yet!
  • Today, just for the heck of it, I asked Charlie to go get a ball. And she did it!! I had no idea that she knew the word "Ball" So I got curious and asked her to go get a ball and give it to Boo Boo ( One of my daughter) and she did!!! How cool is that?!
  • Daisy knows the names of the toys "she likes" all the other forgotten toys go unnoticed and unnamed....Lamby, green ball, chuck it ball, Mr. Squeaky, retriever, Frisbee,and Hedgehog she would get if we asked her to. Lamby and Hedgehog have met untimely deaths due to the fact they were tiny and had those annoying noises they no longer had a purpose in Daisy's eyes....she is now strictly a run and fetch dog and only keeps company with 2 snuggle puppies in her bed. Snuggle puppies, keep her warm on cool nights - they take a ride in the microwave before retiring.
  • Spud knows the names of his toys. I don't think we taught him, but do call the toys by names ourselves. If he is asked to go find a particular toy and 10 were in front of him he will get the correct toy. Amazing!
    • I should try teaching her the name of her toys....I wonder how much she can learn.... Thye are pretty amazing, arn't they?
  • I never taught Charlie the name of the toys / stuff, but she knows all of my kids' name. If I tell her to go find / see so-and-so, she would either to go their room, or look up at one's room from the bottom of the steps... ( There's a gate there.)
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