Not present verbal evidence of pain?

Ok, so yesterday Angel cut her foot on something in the back yard.  The only evidence she presented that something was wrong was a pronounced limp and attempting to keep her foot up.  I thought maybe she twisted her ankle or something.  But no, a cut foot which resulted in two stitches.  She did not yelp, she did not whimper, she did not whine.

Any other stoic champs out there?

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  • Sami makes it very hard to know when she's hurting. She just got over a pretty bad ear infection and it had to of hurt at least a little bit. But she never seems to show any signs of discomfort or pain. She really didn't even mess with them very much. The only time I knew she was hurting was when she just buried her head into my stomach and didn't try to play :(

    Sometimes our doodles are too loving and brave for their own good!

  • Yesterday Lily cut her left rear paw between the pads on our walk in the park. The first evidence that something was wrong was excessive licking of that foot after we had been home for over one hour. After examining it she limped to the bathroom for me to "docter it" where she patiently let me wash it out and put antibiotic ointment and bandage on it. All without making a sound or evenn flinching or pulling away. Amazing!
  • Yep, Darwin is a very silent dog. He never barks or whines, like, EVER. Basically the only noise he makes is panting when he's tuckered out. We went about a week and half with him having an ear infection that was probably painful. He made no noise, at all. The only reason we ended up looking in his ears was because he smelled really bad and I FINALLY connected the dots. Now we check his ears a lot more frequently, we know he won't whine to alert us. When he has stepped on stickers he just limps, and makes no noise as well.
  • Gracie Doodle is a very brave girl. When she was maybe a year old at the most she ran on the concrete after her tennis ball so much that she wore down her back toe nails to the quick. They were bleeding and she never even gave them a second thought. I thought I had heard it is very painful too. I ended up making her wear boots for two weeks until they healed. Then just recently she had those darn fox tails that stuck into the webs of her front paw and then enter into her paw and infect it. She had a huge swollen paw and couldn't walk on it without limping. She let the Vet examine the paw, give an injection and try to probe for the fox tail. After failing to find them they had to do surgery. She never once snapped, growled or tried to bite the Vet. She has always been a good patient!
  • Aren't many of our dogs brave?
  • When Charlie got the shot at the vet for most recent illness, she whined. It was a high pitch and quiet "Heee heee heee" like a steam whistle.... :-( This was a first time she ver made any noise for pain.....
  • I'm feeling so bad for Angel. My goodness, they're all different. They call my Murph the "drama king" at the Vet's. I sure hope Angel is feeling better soon!
  • "Stoic" is Jackdoodle's middle name. He once ripped most of the pads on both front feet completely off while running and playing very hard at the forest preserve dog park, and never showed any sign of an injury until we got home 40 minutes later and he couldn't walk.
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