Chester our 10 week old GD.. Couldn't settle on the carpet we had in our rec room. he would try one position then another but just wasn't happy. He would flop out Bear rug style on our laminate flooring- or the ceramic tile by our front door.

It has been pretty warm here lately and I know this floor is cooler for him. It broke our hearts to not have him comfy in our most comfy DH built him a mini ceramic floor to sleep on in the rec room.. He loves it. He will now spend lots of time down there- it is cooler in the basement anyway.

Next stop.. pull up all the carpet in the house?? :)


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  • Yes! What a very LOVING DH! so sweet!


    ZOe LOVES the hardwood and tile as well.  She plays on the rugs but to sleep she likes the cold areas. Her two FAVORITE places are  1.on the fireplace edge (brick/stones) and 2.bathroom tile right NEXT to the toliet!  It drives me crazy!  And yes, i spend extra time cleaning those places because of her now.

  • Ernie LOVES tile and hardwood floor and even migrates the heating vents so he can feel the A/C on his belly. We have very little carpet in our house so it works out well for him. :)
  • Boy we are discovering that Chester has such a big personality..He is so sweet and particular! I just need Chester to use those puppy dogs eyes to convince my Dh we need to redo my Kitchen now.. :)


  • Awww, lucky pup to have a dad like that! 

    Like Darwin, Lachlan very much likes the laminate flooring I've replaced most of my carpet with in the last year. He'll stretch out on the sofa or carpet to chew on his toys, but when it's time for a nap he sprawls on the hard, cool floor.

  • Aw, what a nice thing to do. Darwin loves our laminate flooring!
  • What a loving DH: )How lucky Chester is!!!!! My dogs like the hard, cold too

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