put themselves in.............

So I have a question.........

Does your doodle put themselves into time-out when they know they did something they were not supposed to???


I ask this question because Dylan had just taken Bear outside for potty........he went both......went straight upstairs, pooped on the floor and then walked right into his crate :)  LOL!!!  He totally cracks me up!!!  He does this all the time.


Also, when we leave, we ask him "Bear, up to the cage" and he will go.......mind you with his WAY down and walks VERY slow :)  Sometimes we have got to pat his behind a little :)  LOL!!!  TOO SMART!!!!

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  • This is funny...I guess Sadie isn't the only one putting herself in a timeout.
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    • What is it with shoes and doodles???? LOL!!!  If Bear wants someone's attention, he will go and get their shoe :)  Doodles totally crack me up!!!!

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