Show you things?

Ex. When Huff wakes up in the morning and he sees us for the first time, he usually grabs his blanket and parades around with it. I have to get a video of it. It is just too cute!:) Do any of your doodles do this?

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  • That's too funny! Huff is a comic!
    • Thanks:) He is quite the comic!:)
  • Darwin does this when he gets really excited. He'll grab anything. A shoe, a toy, a scrap of paper if nothing else is available... it's hilarious.
    • That is exactly what Huff does. What does he do when there is nothing available?
    • He'll run around for quite a while trying to find something. In a separate room if necessary. He eventually will give up if everything is clean though. I didn't realize I had already replied to this discussion... whoops. :-)
    • It's okay, I always like to have people reply to my discussions even if they have already!:) How cute:) Huff usually finds something like, his blanket, his bed, and if he can, the shoes off your feet!:) haha
  • I have something that resemble a really really wide pony tail holder on the back door with bells on it. Zoe rings it when she has to go out if she knows I don't see her at the back door. If she's to the point she can't wait any more, she brings it to me and drops it on the floor at my feet!
    • How cute!:) haha She is like "C'mon! I need to go now!"
  • Baxter always shows me something he is NOT supposed to have. When I head toward him he runs. He loves the chase!
    • Huff does that too:) Naughty little puppies:)
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