Shower you with love when you stretch?

I work from home at my computer a lot... and EVERY time I stretch Luna is right there wagging her tail and licking me all over.  It's like she forgot I was home and my arms coming up reminds her that I'm in here?  I have no idea...

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  • More like attack me!

  • Porter goes WILD when I dance and always has.  He jumps, humps, barks, growls, play bows, and even tries to grab me with his mouth.  It kinda sucks because I like to dance.  I keep it at the gym or if I am rehearsing something, I put him outside.  All I need to do is raise my arms in the air and he knows some fast moving, booty shaking might start.  He jumps to his feet and loses his mind.

    IMO it is playfulness.  I think he is thinking, "OMG (or OMH), you are finally playing with me like a proper dog.  Woot woot!!!!"

    • Hey, that's probably what Tara is thinking too!! "FINALLY someone who knows how to play like a doodle!!"
    • I like your idea for a sign...

      Mine will read, "If you are female, please shower the dog in the armchair with attention.  If you are male, please ignore the dog until your third visit." 

  • We were just discussing this at our house the other day!!!  Tara does something similar. Not so much with us but if we have a guest who is "talking with their hands" or gesturing wildly, Tara wants to GET them!!  I don't know if it triggers her prey drive or if she thinks it is fun and wants to join in or WHAT!!  But she is in training not to "attack" unsuspecting guests!! We thought about hanging up a sign that says "Please remove your shoes and keep your hands at your sides!" LOL!
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