sleep with a toy?

My Sassparilla is such a hoot. She ALWAYS has a toy or ball with her, awake OR while sleeping. How can you not wake up with a smile when this is the first thing you see? Here are just a few caught on my phone before she's woken up by my giggling. And yes she does sleep with them in her mouth???? The first is with bubba Gump this morning, the second with her ball and football and yes she's sound asleep and I was able to get a great close-up, last is her boomerang we call her the joker when she carries this one around. Oh I so love my baby girl such s child like personality.




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  • Lol. Sassy has more toys than I have cd`s! Lol. We have one laundry basket full of playable toys another basket for repair and last a very large bag of toys still to give!!!!! Sadly that doesn't stop me from buying more :-) this little toy would be perfect for our house playing.
    Boy you can tell our age by it ability to operate the extras on a cell phone! I updated too a note 3 so I could read it..... :-)
  • Thanks Lori :-) from the computer I can do that but for some reason those icons don't exist on my phone?? I'm still learning this darn thing so I hope eventually I can figure it out? I'd like too say
    stop me before I become my mom but I know it's too late! Lol
    Sassy is such a hoot this morning she was laying next to me staring at me with her head resting on that big chuck it kick ball! She tends to use the larger toys as pillows or a headrest.
    • Thats so funny! I know, I'm becoming my mom too! I can't do anything from my phone because it is just too darn small and it all looks different on the phone.  I think you should get Sassy that ball! I know Daphne would love it too but she has WAY too many toys right now for me to get her any more. Doesn't stop me from looking though.LOL!

  • Sasparilla is adorable! And such a cute little habit to wake up to!

    Just wanted to let you know that you can add the pictures directly into your discussion by using the icon right above the box you write in. Its the 2nd to the left and when you put your mouse over it, it says "image". If you want to add more than one then you just click that "image" icon again.

  • Love the ball in the mouth - that is soooo Sassy!  My guys sleep with toys too.  I find them on our bed in the morning!  As soon as Ned perceives that I am awake, he grabs a toy and brings it to me, chortling and dancing all over the bed.  Clancy seems to 'gather' his toy hoard around him.  Gordie would be sleeping with his fuzzy ball, but Clancy destroyed them all and they are no longer in toy stores. :-{

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