Smell your breath?

In the past couple of months 1st Stuart and now Rooney do this strange thing where they get right in my face, place their nose almost on my mouth and very gently sniff my breath for several seconds.  Rooney has also done this to my ear a few times.  Dh has seen them both do it and he agrees that it seems really strange.  Do they think my breath is bad?  I have heard of dogs being able to detect illness but I feel fine - so what gives?  Any ideas or does anyone else have a dog that does this?

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  • Cosmo has always done this. I didn't really notice it until he did it to our vet at one of his puppy check-ups. The vet noticed Cosmo raising his nose towards the vet's mouth, so he let Cosmo sniff his breath for a few seconds and then said that it's just one of Cosmo's ways of exploring and learning (like mouthing or licking).

    Like Adina's Rosco, Cosmo does not lick or kiss (except for licking DH's toes after he takes his shoes and socks off, but that's another stinky story!). And he doesn't really sniff anything else on a human being (again, DH's toes excepted!).

    Cosmo wants to sniff my breath in the morning (but I don't let him or anyone else do it until I've brushed my teeth!). And, if I leave the house without him, he wants to sniff my breath when I return.

    Years ago, the first question my grandmother would ask anyone who'd been on a trip was, "What did you have to eat?" It never failed; that was always her first thought. We're kind of a food-obsessed family. I like to think this is Cosmo's way of carrying on the tradition!

  • Charlie comes up on the bed first thing in the a.m. and snuggles up to my neck and this does this to me!  Then he will just give me a little lick and go to sleep.  He does not do that to DH either!  Jane, it must be our sweeeeeettt breath!

    Well, that was every morning until last Friday when Beau arrived on the scene.  Since, I am up and running by 6:30 for a Beau potty break!  I am looking foward to the day when we are all in sync and snuggling in until 7 or 8!  I am missing our snuggle time.

  • Laughing my head off reading all the replies, Jane! I don't have any answers, but just yesterday my guys did something similarly strange - I'm guessing that it was something on someone's office chair (among other things, I support a group of users so I end up sitting in other people's chairs sometimes) - but when I got home both boys were absolutely fascinated by something they smelled, "Oh man, mom, dunno where you've been but your bottom's AMAZING!"

  • I had a cavity in one of my teeth fixed and when I came back from the dentist and got down on my knees to hug Monty, he immediately sniffed my cheek very slowly, putting his nose exactly where my fixed tooth was. I was amazed. Aren't you glad that we don't have their sense of smell?

  • All my dogs have been interested in sniffing all orifices, both human and canine. Jack hurts my feelings every day; unlike my other dogs, who like Rosco were very fond of morning mouth, he won't kiss me until I've brushed my teeth.

  • Cubbie does this if we have eaten something with peanut butter or just ate a slice of cheese. 

  • LMAO - boy - ask a serious question and look what I get ;)

    Seriously this started before the cruise - about 2 months ago.  Both my boys are kissers and this isn't kissing or a substitute for kissing.  It is a very slow, delicate, prolonged smelling of my breath - and not after I've just eaten something.  You would have to see it to get the sense of how odd it is.   

  • Never had him smell our breath, but he often goes over and smells people's rears when and if they fart, which believe me is both embarrassing and hilarious.

    • Haha, since you brought up the subject, Camilla, Duke does this too! Sheba loves to sniff my husbands ears. They both enjoy smelling morning breath. Ugh!! My breath makes Duke sneeze. Poor boy!
  • I agree with Nancie. I think they smell all the wine you had on the cruise :)

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