Try to get in the bath with you??

Max usually follows me everywhere, but lately I've been having to lock him out of the bathroom lol...

It's cold here in Canada in the winter so sometimes I like to have a nice hot bath instead of a shower. At first he would just sit in the bathroom while I had a bath, then he started trying to drink the water. Then he tried to get in with me but stopped when I pushed him out. I got out of the tub, went into the bedroom to get dressed, and when I went back in the bathroom he was sitting in the tub full of water. This last time he was obnoxious trying to get in with me until I had to lock him out. The thing is, he tolerates his own bath but it's obvious he doesn't really like it!  So now he has to stay out when I have a bath lol.

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  • Bentley & Maserati try to get the our showers and when I take baths. They also LOVE their own bath/shower time. I can't lock them out of the bathroom, but thankfully, they both have wonderful "stay" positions so I let them lay on the bath mat outside the tub while I'm in there. Crazy dogs!

    • That's funny Emily, I never heard of a dog before that wanted to take a bath with a person!

      Max can stay for about 10 minutes at a time at this point which I think is pretty decent for a 5 month old boy but that's not quite long enough. 

  • lol Karen, Max doesn't really want to get in for his own bath, just mine. Like he had his front paws in and was seriously being pushy which he isn't normally, but it was funny the last time when I went back in and he was just sitting in the bath like it was the greatest thing.

    Miss Ellie, that's how Max used to be, he just wanted to lick the water. 

    Lori love the pic of your girls. I kinda want another doodle lol...(don't tell my dh!)

  • Love it! So  funny! Both my girls will go lay down in front of the shower when Im in it and Daphne likes to lick the water off my legs when I get out. But neither one gets in voluntarily.

  • Julie this is hysterical.  Ellie does like to sit with me when I'm having a bath...but doesn't try to get in.  She sometimes will try and lick the water off my arm though...this post gave me such a chuckle:)

  • LOL, this is hilarious! JD hates water and wouldn't voluntarily get into the bathtub, with or without me, if I had a sirloin steak in there! In fact, he won't even walk all the way into the bathroom! 

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