Finn (7months) tunnels thru my legs when he's happy and just playing. He loves a good rubbing while under there. He also will go between my legs for protection if something or someone scares him. We were walking last night and came across a cat. He has 2 at home so I'm not sure why he started barking his brains out, the cat was not impressed, and then he came to mommy to save him. It's very cute. It seems to be an excited, happy thing as well as a mommy protect me thing. He's a big, 50lb baby.

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  • My guy tunnels between my legs every night when I come home, waiting for a good rub on his thighs and back!  love it. 

  • Izzy does this too!!!!!! Be it mommy protect me or She's MY mom!!! Thank goodness they're not bigger:)

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