Weird paw color

Finn is blond with black nose & pads. I have noticed that the fur between his pads is a deep burgundy red!!! WTH!?!? It's not blood, so no worries there. Anyone else? And why??

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  • Neely is the same also his beard and his anus area. He does have a red retriever mother though. He also has a red undertone to his cream fur. Also the underside of his ears. It isn't due to licking as his weiner isn't red and I know he licks that!

  • It's from saliva…Finn must be licking his paws.  

    If the dog licks anywhere else on his body, that fur will turn burgundy too…the fur has to grow out to get rid of the discoloration.

    • Wow, who knew? He does lick but not obsessively. Maybe a little more of late cuz of the snow sticking but not a lot. And his back feet are the same and I've never seen him lick those.
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