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Not like Frenchies?

Frenchies as in French bulldogs. Huff does not like French bulldogs or Boston Terriers usually. There are some that he likes but he doesn't like most of them. He will usually growl at them. Today I met another doodle that was so sweet with every othe

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Seem generally healthy?

I thought they were pretty healthy dogs and Grayson has been for the most part...but in less than a year he has had an ear infection and right now is limping for he second time.

The first time he must have sprained or stoved his paw.  I am thinking th

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Have a big butt?

Huff has a big butt. He flings it when he plays with other dogs, so he has acquired the appropriate title of "Butt Flinger". When he sits his butt is the biggest part about him....

3363953609?profile=originalDoes your dood have a big butt?:)

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