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Refuse to go for a walk?

I am confused about my Cooper.  He gets excited when I suggest we go for a walk.   We put get out his leash and Gentle Leader and he does very well in front of our house and for two houses down the block, then he stops.   Dead in his tracks and refus

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have a stinky face?

i take a soaking wet wash cloth to morgan's face every day after eating but he still gets a "stinky face"...:) you would think that after he's submerged half his face in the water bowl that it would get clean but NO...short of giving him a bath every

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Insist on "group hugs"?

Everytime my DH and I hug within range of Gavin, he jumps up and joins in my putting his giant paws on our shoulders.  Keep in mind Gavin never jumps up on me.  In fact his feet are almost never allowed to leave the ground.  But during an embrace, he

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