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Name that toy?

Hi all, I recently moved this from a training group because it's more of a trick really, not a behavior issue.

Have any of you trained your Doodles to recognize their toys by name?Back before we had Bernie (otherwise I would have paid better attentio

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Show you things?

Ex. When Huff wakes up in the morning and he sees us for the first time, he usually grabs his blanket and parades around with it. I have to get a video of it. It is just too cute!:) Do any of your doodles do this?

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Have sensitive skin?

I just bathed Grayson-which is a workout to be sure.  He barely fits in the tub anymore.  Anyways, as I was scrubbing him I felt little bumps on his belly.  I was worried--maybe ticks, I thought.  I have a hard time getting to his belly-but when I di

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