Doodles and ADHD

My daughter has ADHD and struggles with social issues because of it.  I am so hoping and praying that our Doodle we are waiting on will provide her with the unconditional love and friendship that she is lacking.  Does anyone else have any experience or advice with this?

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  • I am so happy to find this group also! My younger son (12) has adhd and ld and spd, so we are hoping also for the same kind of loyal friend in our soon to be pup. We must wait til june 7 though! I am concerned about the sudden noises and movements my son displays and how the dog will adjust to those unpredictable behaviors. Besides that, my son will be a mushpot and love this dog!! Does anyone have experience on how to help both adapt, or maybe book/training recommendations? We are in Nj btw. Thanks and best to all!
  • I know this post is over a year old but how did the puppy workout for your daughter? I have no experience with dogs and ADHD..yet..but I was undiagnosed ADHD as a child. My parents kept me active in horseback riding and eventually showing. I was later blessed with sweet an amazing Arabian horse that put me in the "Good" spotlight for once. He taught me patience and grace which as a tomboy I was lacking in. /:) (Shhh..I'm 45 and I can still climb trees). We were a team for over 25yrs before he was humanly put down at 31 due to a large tumor. 

    We are bring home our first puppy tomorrow (in 12hrs) for my boys ages 9 and 6. The 9yr old is ADHD and doing very well now despite his daily challenges. My 6yr old is high functioning autistic and almost completely opposite personality wise of my older son. So why not add a puppy into my crazy life as well. :) If you need me I will be hiding in the nearest tree! Don't tell my husband where I am.

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