Service Dog Equipment

Greetings!We work with many different breeds within our program and sometimes it takes a bit to find the best equipment that works well for a specific team. By team, I mean equipment that works well, safely and comfortably for the dog and the handler.We support trying to find fits that are certain to be the safest for a dog's individual structure.I'd love to hear about any harnesses that any people have used that have been wonderful for their labradoodle.Anyone have any special equipment you may have used that is comfortable and works well for you and your doodle?thanks!Mara

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  • How do you arrange a service dog to come to visit the site?
    I am working at Autistic Summer Camp, and I would like to see the dog come to interact with the kids....
    Any info on how to go by it would appriciated.
  • I like the gentle leader harness which goes behind their front legs and straps around their chest, not neck or muzzle. I got mine at petsmart.
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