"Of course your dog is welcome here, and if you're well-behaved, you can come in, too!"This group is for people that like to take their doodle's shopping & out on the town. Here you can find a list of "doodle" friendly establishment's.
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  • Love the picture of Enzo!!  What a lucky pup!!

  • Love the photo of Enzo! That is so cute! Tks for info on app.
  • Great App. We use constantly...usually for finding dog friendly restaurants in our area.
  • We just drove from WI to AZ and used www.bringfido.com to find hotels. The site also includes pet friendly restaurants, parks, shops, and services. Just plug in the city you are interested in.

  • If you go through the drive-thru ask for a pup cup. They'll give you a sample cup of whip cream. Once I had Jack in the back, when the guy saw his size he gave me a tall cup full of whip cream. He was in heaven!
  • We stopped at a Starbucks this morning..one we don't normally visit. I took Enz and sat in the outdoor patio section while DH went in for our coffee. About 5 minutes after he came out with our drinks, the Mgr. came out with a " puppicino"... A cup filled with whip creme for Enzo! I only let her have 1/2 since I didn't know how it would effect her...but she loved it and I thought it was really nice of the Mgr. to think about her. Thanks Starbucks!
    photo 9DAB9516-8230-46B4-8B4A-B7B3DDE85DC3_zpsnuws7jkw.jpg
  • Health laws prohibit animals indoors, anywhere food is present.
  • In most places, NJ for sure, dogs can only be outside but I've never taken mine to a chain restaurant! Except for outside at Panera Bread.
  • I was actually curious if the discussion about unfriendly/friendly stores in 2011 is still accurate now? If so, there are a lot of stores listed I didn't think allowed dogs! Anyone know offhand of the big restaurant chains that are pet friendly?
  • That sounds like a daunting task. Would you be willing to do it?
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HUGE List of Non-Dog Related Dog Friendly Stores!!!!

This is a list of non-dog related business that allow dogs in participating locations!  Be sure to call ahead of time to ensure the location you are planning on visiting is one of those participating......  BIKES:Harley Davidson Store - www.harley-davidson.com BOOK STORES:Barnes & Noble www.barnesandnoble.comHalf Price Books, Records & Magazine  www.hpb.com DEPARTMENT STORES/CLOTHING/SHOESAnthropologie   www.anthropologie.comBanana Republic   www.bananarepublic.gap.comBloomingdale's   …

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Dog UNfriendly places.

I posted this on the main page but it should be of interest here. Please add otherf dog unfriendly places with email addresses to write to. The more people and places written to the better the chance for change!http://www.doodlekisses.com/forum/topics/ceo-best-buy I took the dogs today to get a new power source for my laptop, anemergency you'll agree, I'm sure. They would not let the dogs in and itwas too warm to leave them in the car. There were bollards right in front of the door where I…

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