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I posted this on the main page but it should be of interest here. Please add otherf dog unfriendly places with email addresses to write to. The more people and places written to the better the chance for change!

I took the dogs today to get a new power source for my laptop, an emergency you'll agree, I'm sure. They would not let the dogs in and it
was too warm to leave them in the car. There were bollards right in 
front of the door where I could tie them in the shade, but the guard did
tell me the power cords were all the way on the other side of the
store. So we walked around the mall to the other side, where I tied 
them, almost within my view the whole time, and certainly within the
guards view.  On the way back, we walked through Bed, Bath and Beyond.
The staff and customers all smiled at the dogs.  I plan to write to the
CEO of Best Buy to complain about their no dog policy. If enough of us
complain, maybe some stores
will change their policies.
Update Here is the email address for the CEO

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REI is dog UNfriendly! And they sell dog stuff!
Let's find a corporate office for REI and send a letter :-)
I"m all for this.
Gap is dog UNfriendly. Which is weird... because Old Navy loves dogs and they are owned by the same company? Aren't they?
I'm wondering if that's because Old Navy sells dog "stuff"...actually I love their collars. I don't believe Gap least I've never seen anything for dogs in Gap.
The verizon wireless store and sears are dog unfriendly too!
Our Best Buy is dog unfriendly as well and they are right next door to PetSmart ...... I call them " Worst Buy" anyway ..... I hate that store!
Ya, I remember the last time we went into Best Buy with Huff they kicked us out too even though we had brought him in many times before.

I would add the whole town of Cocoa Beach FL to the dog unfriendly list.  We went there with the girls in January 2012 and the only place we found to let us bring the girls in was Ron Jon's Surf Shop!  No dining on restaurant patios even.  The condo complex although the owner was pet friendly with deposit of course, the instructions we received were that the dogs were not allowed in the elevators. 

That stinks.



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