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This list is devoted to "National" stores & restaurants that have known to be "doodle friendly",


This can change by store or region so its it is always advised that you are prepared to leave just in case they are no longer "doodle' friendly.  Some of the stores/restaurants listed have outdoor area's and I will note if it is for the "outdoor" area only. 


As someone said it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission :-)  But do what is most comfortable for you and your doodle, call in advance or hope that they melt when they see your doodle and let you in!




Lowe's Home Improvement Stores

Home Depot Home Improvement Stores

Bass Pro Shops



Barnes & Noble Book Stores

Old Navy

Kohl's Department Stores

Nordstrom's Department Stores

Sak's Fifth Avenue



Border's Book Store

The Tractor Supply Store

Ace Hardware

Big Bear Sporting Goods Store

Jiffy Lube


Bank of America

Town Faire Tire

TD Bank. (dogs are welcome in their bank and will even get a dog biscuit!)


Starbuck's (outdoor area)

Chipolte (outdoor area)

Panera Bread (outdoor area)




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Most Harley Davidson stores are dog friendly...we always ask before we take "Harley" in just to be sure and no one has ever told us that we couldn't bring her in
How could Harley Davidson turn down a doodle named Harley!
I take Jack with me when ever I can. We have been to a few local restaurants outside dining. Jack is the start of the show there. I always have to tell the waitress to stop giving him treats. I also bring him to all Pet Stores, Lowes and Home Depots. I don't have enough nerve yet to bring him into a clothing store. I tried Walmart but they shot me down!!!! I also tried Target, Shot down again... If I could bring Jack there I would be so happy!!



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