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Doodles come in three main coat types. Wool, fleece and hair. If you consider a woolly wool coat to be at one end of a scale and shedding coarse hair coats to be at the other end, your doodle could have a coat anywhere in-between. Not only that...it could be a combination of more than one type. Coats can also be very curly, somewhat curly, spiral curls, wavy or quite straight.

Hint for maintaining your favourite look.

You will find lots of pictures on this site of great looking doodles. Use them to take to your groomer to show what look you like or use them to follow for home grooming.

Coat Change from Puppy to Adult
Somewhere between 8 and 12 months doodles start growing their adult coats. Matte time! Since they don't shed, you need to comb the puppy coat out. This takes quite a bit of dedication and this stage can go on for several months. If you let your puppy mat at this time and resort to shaving, you STILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM. You cannot shave it away. At some point, you must comb that puppy coat out. To make this stage easier, scissor the coat to about 2 inches in length so there is less to tangle. A seriously good way to reduce brushing is to buy a high speed blower. It produces cool air at high volume and really helps clean and untangle the coat.

Combing your doodle.
Use a steel comb. Start from one foot and brush..yes brush with a brush..the hair up. Then  start down at the foot again and brush down in layers, making sure to always get to see the skin in the area you are working on before you go on. After about and inch or two, comb where you brushed. If the comb won't go thru, start again. Work thru the whole coat in this fashion.
Make sure you hit all the areas.
inside, outside and back and front of legs
upper and lower chest
sides, back and under tail
top of head and neck all the way around
under ears, chin and face
If a wool dog is very matted, it can take 10 hours to demat. If you have a fleece coat that is in good shape, it should take an hour or less to brush and comb the whole dog thoroughly.
Worst trouble spots: in front of hind legs, armpits, under tail and neck

To Do List for regular maintenance.
1. brush and comb twice a week or when ever you feel mattes ..dampen after brushing
These things to be done every 4 to 6 weeks
2. trim hair from between eyes as required to keep it from poking into the eyes
3. shave belly
4. trim hair from around anus and on male or female parts to prevent messy mattes that can get infected from bacteria
5. clip nails
6. trim feet ...inside of feet, around toes and trim length so it just barely touches the ground.
7. trim hair above eyes so it does not obstruct sight
8. pull hair from inside ears and clean with ear cleaning solution
9. shave hair from base of ear to increase airflow into the ear 

Links to Grooming Information from this forum. 


How to trim feet
You can trim feet with scissors or clippers. I prefer to use a combination of both. I first cup the dog's foot in my hand so the bottom is visible and keeping my scissors flat to the bottom of the foot, I trim all hair sticking beyond the foot. Next I take my clipper with a number 10 or 40 and trim inside between the large pad the the small toe pads. From the top of the foot looking down, I pull a hair back from toes and scissor hair from around nails and between toes. You can to this with a clipper too and make 'poodle toes'...not to be confused at all with poodle feet. You want the foot to have lots of volume from the top, but look clean underneath.

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  • Are your groomers wearing masks when they work on your dog during the covid19 outbreak?
    • Yes! At least in NYC they still are since the outbreak here was pretty severe in the beginning and pets act as contact surfaces.
  • What is the best way to disinfect clippers after using them? What product do you use?
  • Can anyone recommend a good dremel for nails?
  • This group doesn't seem to have a "Forum" tab to start a new discussion. There also doesn't seem any way to search for topics. The only tabs I have on this group are "Home" and "Members". Is there are way to search for info on brushes? I am wondering if I should get a Chris Christenson pin comb or a Les Pooches for my curly, fleecy Goldendoodle.
    • It does. Just under where it says Doodle Grooming. You also have to scroll down to the bottom to click on Follow - you'll need to do this for each section
  • I broke down and ordered the clippers today. Pet Edge is doing a special where you get a free rechargeable dremel with a $99 purchase. Now I'm watching youtube videos of people grooming doodles. They make it look really easy...
    • Watch as many as you can because you pick up tips for each on a little differently. Which clippers did you get and are you happy with them?
    • I bought the Andis 5 speed clippers. I thought if I am really going to do this it makes sense to get the good clippers and hopefully not have to replace them or become frustrated with them in the beginning. They will be delivered Monday so no reviews yet. I also bought a couple blades and some shears at a Black Friday grooming supply sale. I might have gotten carried away, but you can't do the job without the right tools. I'm really hoping this won't be another one of my failed projects. I have a bad habit of buying all the supplies and then moving on to the next hobby. But if this works out it will save me thousands of dollars a year in grooming costs, and I think it might be fun.
    • How do you like this clipper? I want to start doing my own grooming so wondered how it worked for you?
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