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Hi Everyone,

My 13 week old mini goldendoodle puppy Joy sheds a lot, she sheds in chunks of fur and when she is sitting on your lap will leave a lot of hair on your clothes . I comb her and brush her almost everyday but that seems to not e helping, not sure if I am brushing her wrong. Could this be because of food brand or any allergies or is she just a shedder and its normal? (I switched her from breeder's food to wellness core puppy formula). Attaching her picture if anyone has a shedder with similar coat.

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Reposting my reply from your discussion in the main forum & the Shedding Doodles Group here:

Shedding is not a symptom of allergies, and 13 weeks is way too young for any kind of allergy, so you can rule out allergies as the cause of the shedding. 

Food also doesn't typically cause shedding, unless it is a really bad food that is nutritionally inadequate, and that's not the case here; Wellness Core is one of the best grain-free puppy foods out there, and it also has a really excellent Omega 3 fatty acid content, which is best for skin and coat, so you can rule out food as a cause too.

She is way too young to be going through a coat change, too.

I was not able to open your photo so I can't tell about her coat, but I would say that you have a shedder. Many doodles do shed, some quite heavily. 

Thanks a lot for your reply ! Do you have any tips to reduce the shedding or maintain her coat better ?

Not really. Brushing helps reduce the amount of hair left all over the house, but it won't really cut down on the amount of shedding. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil help keep coats shiny and skin and coat in good condition, but again, won't reduce the amount of shedding. 



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