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I'm trying to find the post about someone's husband concocting a hose/sprayer that was used to rinse their dog off.  I think there were 3 or 4 different things he bought from a hardware store and put together to be used in the laundry tub or bathtub.  Does anyone have this info?   Thanks, Ginny.

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In the bathroom plumbing section of any large hardware you can find a shower nozzle on a hose that attaches to your regular shower outlet.  Everything in one box with directions.  You will need a wrench and some plumbing tape.  Talk to one of the hardware people and they will help you find the right size.

I'm sorry I wasn't real specific on where I want to use this.  The discussion I'm looking for is the one where they were able to attach this to a laundry room sink and easily remove it when they weren't bathing their dog.  It could also be used in the bathtub but not up on the shower but the lower water nozzle. He had bought 3 or 4 pieces and worked up something that could be used like that.   I'll keep looking through the posts, though because I'm sure it must be there somewhere.   Thanks for the reply.

Ginny, I was the original poster of one of the setups. Its called the Texas Bower Blaster and I found instructions online on some groomers discussion site years ago. I still use the setup and have in every home I've lived in in the past few years (I've moved 3 times in 3 years!). For some reason, I'm unable to search Doodlekisses for the original discussion. I get messages saying this is an unsafe site. So, I think I'll leave it to you to search :) You can find pictures I posted of this setup on my page under photos. Its on page 6 I believe. This one, however, does not attach to the faucet spigot, but to the showerhead arm. The hose has easy connections for interchanging garden sprayers and shampoo solution containers. It sounds like you're looking for something different, though.

I found the original discussion through Google.

What a great set up! Thanks for sharing!

Sorry, that was "Texas Bowser Blaster", not Bower Blaster.



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